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What is Unsecured Credit Lines/Cards?

A true EIN driven credit lines from A rated banks. Establishes instant business credit by using any o cer of a company’s personal credit history to expand worthiness directly to the company. 0% APR typically for 6-18 months, after that 5-29% APR

What Do I Need to Qualify?

Minimum credit score of 690

No more than one (1) delinquency in previous six (6) months, no more than two (2) in previous (12) months.

No bankruptcies

Must have minimum of 5 years history in credit bureau

Must have minimum of two (2) open revolving accounts of $5,000 or higher, or one (1) of $10,000 or higher

Credit Utilization (balances below 30% of your limits) cannot exceed 30% in total.


How Do I Apply?

Completed 3 page application

Requires Credit Monitoring Service that has ALL 3 bureaus (PrivacyGuard or

Unsecured Business Financing for Business at a Glance

Our Unsecured Business Financing program is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business as well as those who are already well established.

Maximum Loan Amount



Loan Term



Interest Rates

5.99 - 36% APR



As little as 1 day

The Breakdown

0% interest is common for 6-18 months

Business credit can also be used to qualify

24-hour pre-approval

Startup business can qualify

True NO DOC financing program 

No application fees

Credit approvals up to $150,000 per individual

Multiple signers can be approved

No collateral requirements

Credit partners can also apply

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Who Qualifies for Unsecured Business Financing for Business

Our Unsecured Business Financing program is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business as well as those who are already well established. You can be approved for $250,000 in 0%, unsecured, no-doc, business financing with no collateral or cash flow requirements.
Most Customers Who Were Approved Had...

Credit Profile

5+ year old


Credit Score

690+ FICO Score


Credit Report

No Collections or Liens.

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How Does Unsecured Business Financing Work?

Unsecured credit requires no collateral, but it DOES require good credit. But if you have credit issues you can still get approved if you have a good credit partner, or someone who will sign as a guarantor, who does have good credit. The guarantor is then liable for the business debt in case that account defaults. Approval amounts range from $10,000 to $150,000.

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Equips you with the working capital necessary to grow the business.

What Will Unsecured Business Financing Cost You?

Unsecured financing offers very low initial intro interest rates, as low as 0% for the first 6-18 months. Rates typically range from 5%+ after the intro period, the actual rate will depend on risk. Most other unsecured lenders charge high amounts of points ranging from 12-30%, and charge application fees for unsecured financing. But our exclusive lenders offer the lowest fees in the industry, ranging from 9-12%.

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